Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I dont know how a common man defines power but i feel powerless .How do people come to power and how important are the people who come to power ? At most times you will find the ones at the helm are the most worthless people and are actually good for nothing.It leads to another question that what kind of people come to power ?It is strange that the most shrewed n wicked people ,the ones who show they are concerned and end up spoiling your work . The last few days events have put me in a dilemma. Why do we end up selecting wrong people and then repent , curse and do the same thing again ? Is this a vicious circle which has exsisted since centuries or is it in built in our genes? Who programmes them ? Why dont we have the authority to contol our own lives? Why arent we in control ?Why do our lives get manipulated by a few people having power ?We work for a good cause ,why are we not allowed to do it ?Why does someone else reap the rewards of my hardwork?Is this the way the world works.Today i realized what people can do to get their purpose solved ?But i am happy to that i never held these people in high regard and judged them correctly .Some of us are not able to do so .Today i saw 2 people doing nothing and taking all the credit. I hope there is a god up there to see what is happening .I hope that some day they look back at what they have done they will feel ashamed .I may not ask god to remove all my troubles but i'll ask him for the strength to face them.Hope he is up there .

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


words are like winds that cause ripples on the waters surface
the river flows beneath
unseen and unheard

so true it seems the ones you know are the ones that surprise you the most .why does this keep happening? i feel that i hardly know the person i thought i had known for so long
why is human nature so unpredictable or is it? is it us that we are not able to see the things coming or they are not coming so we are not able to see them ??
why do people do things they are least expected to do ?too many questions ?? or too many answers?/
how many times have we been trying to get into the lives of our friends , no matter how connecetd we are ,we may often be unable to see what may be staring right into our faces . but then why
do our frequencies dont match or we often go out of tune .should getting in tune come naturally or should we make a concious effort for it ?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

hands full

my hands are full as of now lot of work for mindbend its a huge responsibility i have always thrived on responibility it gives a sort of kick to me managing events n meeting n interacting with people .exmas are over n i havent done well these cosistent non performance in academics does hurt sometimes but its ok.CAT has put everyone in a shock this year .too many surprises .will i be able to bell CAT nexxt year or make it to a top b school or get a good job on campus placements .sometimes you start doubting your own abilities .Is this human nature or am i going off track ? even that is difficult to decide as of now.
the hostels are empty now and very few people have stayed back on campus but mindbend has given me a purpose for everything . as it is said with great power comes great responsibility so working hard will be my motto .