Monday, December 18, 2006

Justice for Jessica

Maybe we still live !!!!

Dr Albert Einstein once said:

" Everything that can be counted doesn't count
Everything that counts cannot be counted"

The day shall go down in the history of Indian judiciary and the Indian psyche as the day when justice was finally been given. Obviously this has been a major victory for her parents and sister fighting the case and also has laid down a precedent for future rulings. But some major victories have been won here:

1. This has meant that the Priyadarsini Matoo case was not the only ruling that had come in the victims favour and justice delayed may not after all be justice denied .

2. It has reinforced our faith in our judiciary and one can feel that a free and fair trial can be expected .

3. The reopening of the case has been due to the conscious effort of the media which had come under the roving public eye and drew some flak from all quarters. The media it seems has lived up to its reputation of being a watchdog of the nations activities and has shown moral integrity by not buckling under political pressure

4 But it is the common man who has come on top after the conviction proving that even without the ballot the Aam aadmi is powerful and democracy in India is not dead. As every Indian goes to bed tonight, he will be more happy and content for he feels that victory for Jessica is a sort of victory for him as he can identify himself with her plight and feels that he is not powerless. It reinforces his faith that democracy is still the best form of governance and is not dead, Our conscience as a nation is alive and very much kicking. we are now increasingly being aware of our duties as citizens and care for the nation .... maybe i am reading too much into this verdict ... maybe i am not .. tell me.. cant help it i am an optimist to the core


In this moment of triumph we must not forget our shortcomings, we must not overlook the problems facing us

1. Why has it taken so long??? A Cliched question but nevertheless needs to be asked because the most obvious things are the ones that are often missed .. 7 years how much can a person or his family take .. for some the only goal of life becomes to get justice for their loved ones which drains them out physically, economically and emotionally. What for us is a newspaper headline is an eternal quest for justice for them. Why is it that the rich and powerful get away so easily ??? Many questions few answers.

2. How many more Jessicas are already dead no one really knows.It was the case of a famous person doing a crime and trying to get away with it . What about the countless less fortunate others whose cases are nothing but mere files and statistics .I believe that their only fault was that they got killed/raped/abused by common people. Where is the justice we are talking about.

3. What images do people like Ram Jethmalani, Bina Ramani and Shayan Munshi, all personalities in the eyes of the media project, aren't they guilty too? One must, i believe, listen to ones' conscience more often.

well at the end of the day, we hope that in the future such convictions come in more often and we live up to the call of satyamev jayate

India won a historic win against South Africa, their first one in the Protean soil. Thankfully it was just given the necessary coverage. Kudos to the media for giving a cricket obsessed nation something more important to think about .